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Bridges, Crowns & Veneers

A bridge is a dental device that replaces a missing tooth or teeth. As the name suggests, a bridge spans the space between two or more existing teeth. Essentially, this cosmetic restorative dental product is a false tooth or teeth anchored by crowns on the adjacent teeth. Bridges are generally made of all porcelain, porcelain fused metal, or, in rare instances, gold.

The work involved with a bridge usually includes two to three office visits. Bridges are just one of many cosmetic dental services that can brighten and restore your smile.

Dental crowns have been around for decades. They are an effective means of repairing and protecting teeth that have become badly damaged.

Often used to completely cover teeth that have become dangerously weakened due to decay, large restorations, fracture lines, or trauma, porcelain crowns can reinforce the tooth in order to avoid future root canal treatment or extraction. In almost any situation, the preservation of an existing tooth is not only cost-effective, but it is also important to the integrity of the mouth and the jawbone.

Dr. Siachos specializes in newer crowns crafted entirely of porcelain. These porcelain crowns most closely match the color and translucence of the surrounding natural teeth, eliminating dark lines frequently seen around the gum line area of teeth that have crowns.

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or white filling that fit over the outside of your existing tooth. Created in Hollywood to give actors perfect on-screen smiles, they can also be used to solve a myriad of cosmetic problems, such as discolored, broken or chipped teeth and large gaps between teeth. Veneers can also be used to change the shape of a particular tooth to make it look more uniform.

Veneers are made in one of two ways. Composite veneers can be built up directly in the mouth, right in the office. Porcelain veneers are created in a dental lab and then adhered to the teeth during an office visit.

Designed to give new life to your smile, veneers are easy to care for, affordable and can be attached in much less time and with fewer appointments than it takes to prepare crowns or implants.


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