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Dentures (complete & partial)

A partial denture is a removable device that fits snugly into the mouth and replaces missing teeth. This is a good option when teeth are missing or there is too much decay to save two or more teeth. Partial dentures are not permanently anchored in the mouth. They are held in place by metal or plastic clasps around solid teeth or even by implants, and they are designed to be removed and cleaned regularly.

Complete dentures, commonly known as “false teeth,” are removable devices that replace all the teeth in the upper, lower, or both jaws. They are supported by the soft and hard tissues of the mouth and rely on suction and good fit for retention.

The process associated with modeling dentures, preparing the mouth and fitting the dentures, takes a little longer than some other restorative procedures. In order to most accurately recreate your smile with partial or complete dentures, Dr. Siachos will review old pictures or models of your mouth. During your office visit, we will make impressions, create a wax mold to make sure that the denture will fit properly and make any necessary adjustments. The denture will then be created at a dental lab and you will return to our office to have the device fitted and checked.


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