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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full-mouth rehabilitation involves the restoration of every tooth in your mouth in an effort to improve your bite, relieve discomfort in the jaw, and/or restore broken down dentition. Throughout this process, Dr. Siachos will take many study models of your teeth. Once proper planning has been completed, you will return for the procedure. This usually involves multiple crowns, bridges, or implant crowns, done simultaneously. During this process, you will wear lab fabricated temporary crowns for about two weeks to ensure that your jaws adapt to the new dentition. The entire process may require only a few visits, after which the health and beauty of your smile will be restored.

Full-mouth rehabilitation can help to alleviate a variety of ailments, including TMJ dysfunction, headaches, soreness in the jaw, neck and back pain, and numbness of the limbs. It can also restore a smile that you thought was hopeless into something you’ve only dreamed of. See photos of a full mouth rehabilitation recently done by Dr. Siachos.

If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for this procedure, please contact our office today.


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