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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancers include cancer of the mouth, throat, tongue or tonsils. Years ago, it was believed that oral cancer was caused only by tobacco use. It is now known that oral cancer can be caused by multiple factors including tobacco use, alcohol use, and/or exposure to HPV-16. Most adults have been exposed to one or more of these risk factors.

It is estimated that close to 43,250 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, and just a little over half of those people will be alive in five years. This low survival rate is due to the fact that many oral cancers go undetected until the cancer has spread.

As with other cancers, early detection is key. The good news is that physicians and dentists can screen for oral cancer and identify signs of cancer or precancer during a simple, painless examination. Dr. Siachos will perform this oral cancer screening as part of your regular exam.

Finally, if you notice a sore or discolored area in your mouth that does not heal within 14 days, please contact our office and we will schedule an appointment immediately.


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